Meet The Podcasters: Michelle Newman

Michelle Newman is a former Network Television Executive turned Life Coach, and founder of The New Mid Academy and The New Mid Podcast, which you can listen to here on Listen Frederick and 106.9 The Eagle. When she’s not podcasting she is being a mom, going to sporting and musical events. She loves to run, do wine tastings, and cook with her husband.

But what made her start The New Mid and continue on with her podcasting journey?

“Now that I’m in midlife it’s made me realize that time is precious, and we all have talents and skills that need to be showcased.” For her, Listen Frederick is the perfect place to do that. “To get your voice out there because there is someone who needs to hear it. Whether it be something about Frederick history, music legends or whatever your interests are, there is always someone who will enjoy listening to it. This might sound a bit serious but it’s true. Les Brown once said: “If you died today what dreams will die with you?””

What made you want to start podcasting?

I wanted a place to get as much friendly advice out there for what I like to call “The New Midlife.” When you listen to a podcast it is very intimate. It is powerful to be speaking into someone’s ears whether they’re walking, working out, driving in a car or doing their chores around the house. Podcasts are a powerful medium and one that can make a big impact on someone’s life.

My big thing is Mindset. Our success in the Midlife years is very much determined by the way we think about ourselves, and how we react to the multitude of changes we are going through. I wanted to talk about Mindset – and share some of the insights I have been learning from the three years of research I have been doing on midlife women. Podcasts are a fabulous medium to talk to other women about their mindset. They are safe; efficient and convenient ways to gain a valuably different perspective on a topic of interest.

Listen Frederick is an exciting network of the amazing people and talent that’s in our town. We have a very vibrant creative talent pool and this podcast network is one of the wonderful ways to showcase our creative community. I’m so proud to be part of it.

Michelle Newman

I was so fortunate that Fred Manning listened to my pitch about The New Mid show and saw what a great opportunity it was for so many people. My podcast actually started as a radio show. Fred put the show on The Eagle 106.9 in the morning slot on Sundays, and a simultaneous podcast release the next day. Manning Media has been a tremendous partner in this journey, and I feel incredibly grateful for all their help and support in making The New Mid a reality.

Why did you start The New Mid?

When I was a Network Executive at CBS, we coveted the 18-49 year old demographic because that was the only audience our advertisers cared about. So when I turned 49 years old, it felt like I was about to become invisible. It hit me really hard and I didn’t want to celebrate my 50th birthday because I associated that age with the unspoken transition into invisibility – where no one seemed to care about our thoughts and opinions.

Then my first hot flash happened while I was attending my 9-year-old daughter’s spring concert. One of the mom’s leaned over and noticed I was “getting very emotional,” but she assumed I was overcome with daughter’s talents as a flautist. This 30 something clearly had no idea what I was going through!

That is the precise moment when the idea of the New Mid Academy struck me. Here I was a 50-year-old Mom – rubbing shoulders with mother’s almost half my age, but I was in a completely different world. I was an accomplished professional; successful; happy; a woman who had taken time off to raise a family later in life. There were also many, many other women like me – and we were not invisible – far from it – we were kick ass mothers who were just starting on our second half.

The New Mid Academy is a safe place for women just like me. Professionals. Successful. Wonderful-People. Constantly growing. And Bad Ass. All we need is a support group and some guidance on how we can best navigate this transition into our abundant second half. What we need is the New Mid Academy.

How has your podcasting experience changed since you started The New Mid?

At first, I was nervous. I have always been a “behind the camera” executive, so making the transition to being on-stage as it were, was a little scary. As a network executive I had coached our talent to help them get the best performances out of them, but I’d never done it for myself. Luckily the team over at Manning Media, especially Greg Strope, was critical in helping my growth.

I’ve interviewed celebrities like Joan Lunden, Dominique Dawes, AJ Langer-Courtney as well as New York Times Bestselling authors Loral Langemeier and Heather Monahan and several other experts and some incredible people here in Frederick such as Karlys Kline, Julie Gaver, Dr. Mansi to name a few. It’s been a growing process. But to be fair to myself I am getting better and wiser the more I do it.

What do you find the most rewarding about your podcast?

It’s very important for me to give the most up to date and inspiring information on the podcast. People don’t realize this, but I did one of the first podcasts on COVID-19. I interviewed the infectious disease unit at Frederick Health on February 21, 2020 and I think to this day it’s my most downloaded episodes. I did two others after that right before lockdown. It was important to cut through the noise and give accurate information on what was really going on at the time.

Take the leap of Faith and start your own podcast today!

Michelle Newman

My goal is to continue to give information that will make midlife women’s lives better but in an entertaining way. Luckily, each week that goals is being reached. There are so many different voices and advice to empower midlife women. For instance, Loral Langemeier has shown women a completely different way to look at money. Joan Lunden spoke about many of her experiences going through midlife that she’s made us feel normal.

Every time I get a comment thanking me for doing an interview that has improved their life, I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Those are the rewards.

Podcasts Michelle Newman is listening to…

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