Golden Locks Podcast

Come Be Vulnerable With Us!  

Set your fears aside and join us for real, and sometimes raw, conversation. It’s time to inspire one another and stop knocking each other down!  We have goals to achieve and successes to celebrate!  Let’s do this together. This is the Golden Locks Podcast powered by Listen Frederick!

Nicole- She’s young, hungry and driven to succeed by serving others.  She understands the value in giving, the importance in delivering exceptional service for all those she has the honor to serve.  Her relentless commitment to succeed has blasted Nicole into another galaxy.   She’s earned the status of being a professional.  She listens and has industry knowledge. She knows what it takes to be a professional, what is required to achieve success, and what it means to serve others from the heart! 

Melissa- She has three young daughters, and is achieving success through her relentless commitment to her family, her career and her goals. Her mom taught her that whenever you feel defeated, it’s time to work harder. She is fierce and considers herself to be a believer, a dreamer, a manifestor, a businesswoman, a boss-girl!  She knows and understands the challenges faced by every mom and working career woman.  She knows what it takes to work hard, to achieve goals and to experience success.  Her commitment to healthy living and fitness have given her next level confidence! 

Nicole and Melissa are here to share their experiences, and to offer nothing but honest perspective.   Any successful person knows that it takes risk, and plenty of failures, to achieve success.  It’s our hope that others can relate to our own experiences that we’ll be sharing.   What is our mission, you ask? To bring others in our community together to be vulnerable and to get real about what it takes to achieve success. Everything is possible if you are willing to COMMIT! 

XOXO Melissa and Nicole ♥️