The Grit & Grind of Autism

Diana is the mother of two boys and she is working to raise the bar in Maryland for her son and others that have an autism diagnosis. She discusses the truth with a focus on the environmental links to autism, medical freedom and the issues so many families struggle with that need to be dealt with.  Diana is a fierce advocate working with legislators and stakeholders on policy focused on supporting and empowering the Maryland autism community.  

Join her as she has difficult and often times uncomfortable conversations about autism. She is going places that many don’t ever go. These are important conversations to be had. Parents and caregivers shouldn’t feel isolated at home with no support. It’s her greatest hope to also help provide tools to find light in this difficult journey. Together we can do it.

Diana has 19 years of professional experience with Johns Hopkins University. She is a warrior for her own kids and a dedicated advocate in the local and national community. She founded Maryland Autism Project as a platform to promote education and advocacy on social media.  She is the host of the podcast The Grit and Grind of Autism – Finding Light Along the Journey.