Sass Choice Award Nominations for Listen Frederick

We were delighted to receive word that three of our podcasts are nominated for the Sass Choice Awards 2022 from Sass Magazine! Last year two of our podcasts, The New Mid and The Mustache Mesa, won Best Podcast. This year we’re hoping to repeat at least one of those!

The Sass Choice Awards highlight women owned business and ventures, and that includes podcasts! This year we are proud that three of our shows have gained a nomination. You can vote once a day!

For easy voting, just click on their banner below.

Steeples & Peoples – Mark and Terri Maradei
The New Mid – Michelle Newman
Frederick Health Presents Coffee with Cookie – Cookie Verdi

We are proud to celebrate women in podcasting, especially locally focused podcasts. To learn more about what we do visit What Is Listen Frederick. To listen to these great shows as well as our full roster, check them out here.