Meet The Podcasters: Sarah and Sando

Sarah Kurtanich and Sando Bernstein Lynch met over a shared love of food and good stories. When they decided to start The Mustache Mesa podcast, they were starting from scratch. Now they are promoted by Visit Frederick, Sass Choice Award stars, and one of the OGs of the Frederick Podcast Network.

When it comes to their podcast, well, it’s all about fueling your body, feeding your mind and doing things that just make you feel good. They believe great things happen when gathered around the table, or mesa, in this case. Each episode of this podcast is an invitation to come sit with them and listen in as they chat about balance, wellness, and because they can’t go long without talking about it, great food.

But who are these lovely ladies behind the microphone?

Sarah Kurtanich

When Sarah isn’t producing The Mustache Mesa, she works as a Period Educator and Health Coach. She met her husband at Firestone’s more than 10 years ago and they love calling Frederick home.  

“With a 4-year-old and a small business, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to spend on hobbies, but I do love to cook. Spending time in my kitchen is very high on my self-care list,” Sarah explains. She is also a lover of musical theater and historical fiction.

“My family enjoys getting out on adventures when we can – hikes, bike rides, day trips, bigger trips, really anything. We enjoy spending time together and exploring,” she says. “We’re also planning to try and learn how to play the guitar (or ukulele in my case) as a family this winter. “

Sando Bernstein Lynch

A homegrown Frederick resident who has big love for this small city/big town. She has been in education for 13 years and has a big passion for social justice, equity, and inclusion. When she isn’t doing that she loves to get outside with her husband and dog. Whether it’s long walks in Baker Park or along the Monocacy River, they like adventures.

“My husband and I drove across the country (and back) last summer and crushed several books and tons of podcasts — it was glorious!” she tells us. She also loves to cook and get creative in the kitchen.

“Listening to podcasts and audio books via audible is also high on the list of dorky activities that spark joy,” she adds. On a personal note, Sando and her boyfriend of 5+ years eloped in April and are expecting their first baby next March.

As one of the first podcasts on the Frederick Podcast Network at Listen Frederick, the ladies of The Mustache Mesa have been here since the beginning.

“When the opportunity arose, we both knew it was a no-brainer. We love Frederick and are very interested in seeing more local voices shared on both sides of the microphone,” Sarah explains.

“I hope we can help people realize the beauty and accessibility of podcasts that are focused locally. Podcasts have been around for a long time but some people are still weary of incorporating them into their daily lives. There’s something for everyone!” Sando adds.

“I’m a big believer in the “rising tide lifts all ships” mentality,” Sarah says. “I hope The Mustache Mesa podcast will reach new listeners and we can help drive listeners to other locally produced and hosted podcasts.” 

What made you want to start podcasting?

Sarah: At the time, there weren’t too many podcasts that we knew of in our area that were similar in style. We had a favorite podcast at the time that was hosted by two women that dove into health and lifestyle topics, but it was based on the other side of the country. We knew we could bring a different perspective. We also had the thought “we should start a podcast” on the same day, which seemed like a pretty positive sign. 

Sando: We both were avid podcast listeners and I think it just kind of dawned on us one day, “hey, we could do this too!”

Why did you start The Mustache Mesa?

Sando: We started the podcast to really try to capture the amazing conversations that would occur when we brought intriguing/ multi-passionate people to the table (mesa) around delicious food. Sarah and I met because we had food blogs in the early otts of blogging. We connected immediately over our love of food and the power of a curated experience. 

Sarah: We started The Mustache Mesa to capture the kinds of conversations that only seem to happen after you’ve shared a meal with someone. Sando and I first met over a deep love of food and the connection it can create. We wanted to have a reason to talk to more of the amazing people we were meeting and discovering both in Frederick and around the internet. A podcast seemed like the perfect modality. 

How has your podcasting experience changed since you started The Mustache Mesa?

Sarah: Well, we used to do almost all of our interviews in person so that has definitely changed. I do miss sitting down with more of our guests in person, but the ability to do our recording virtually has created a lot more flexibility for us which is good as our lives and schedules have changed over the years. We’re also a lot more confident in our interviewing abilities. 

Sando: I think in the beginning we were much more formulaic. We had and have always had an outline of questions/ guardrails if you will. As the years went by, we loosened the grip a bit and let the conversations flow more naturally. 

What do you find the most rewarding about your podcast?

Sando: I think the most rewarding thing is when we meet people who recognize us (mostly because of our mustache tattoos) and say something like, “your interview with _______ really made a big difference in my life.” Anytime we can create a positive impact in the community it feels like we’re doing something right. 

Sarah: Getting to hear our guest’s stories and experiences is really rewarding to me. Carving out space to have more intimate conversations than just “how’s the weather?” kind of pleasantries really fills my cup. 

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